Comersus for a software programmer

Undoubtedly Comersus shopping cart will ease your work significantly. Whether you need a store for yourself or an open flexible solution for your customers, Comersus is the best choice. After all, reinventing the wheel is always slow and expensive in the software industry. Our software is provided with full source code and full rights to modify its default functioning. You just need to have knowledge on Microsoft Active Server Pages and SQL to modify the code. Should you need some of the advanced features at some point, such as UPS shipping quoting or Maxmind identity verification, you may want to purchase our Power Pack.

What about customizations?

Comersus Cart is very easy to customize. Any programmer will be able to understand the system structure by inspecting the source code with the aid of the documentation provided Comersus makes customization even easier by providing: 1. Commented source code
2. Files classified into folders (store / backoffice / images / includes)

3. Database diagrams in the User’s Guide

4. An Appendix with programming tips and examples

In addition, Comersus offers training courses for Programmers where we cover code customization thoroughly, targeted at developing new features or adapting the program to certain business models.

Lastly, you may hire Comersus to customize the software to fit your needs. Comersus technicians in charge of customizations are deeply familiar with the software architecture; many of them were even involved in the original development.

Estimates are provided free of charge. Before starting the project, Comersus will set a delivery date and fixed quote. Moreover, there is a warranty period after delivery during which you can test the development and report any inconsistencies.

Our customers usually request:

– Catalog imports from different files
– Layout integration with templates or existing websites
– Adding fields to the database
– Adding reports
– Modifying checkout procedure

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