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eCommerce for music store

The exchange of mp3 files has posed a threat for record companies and CD stores the world over. Along with lobbying for legislation forbidding the exchange of music files, many companies are rethinking their strategies in order to start selling

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eCommerce for clothing store

Comersus includes many features specifically designed for retail and wholesale online clothing stores. In fact, Comersus was implemented at its early development stages for major European textile companies. The sale of clothing online shows some unique features. Firstly, the need

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Comersus for a reseller

You own a web solutions company and wish to add a product line related to e-commerce. Or maybe you would like to be a Comersus exclusive agent in your country or city. Comersus covers these scenarios through Reseller Kits. The

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Comersus for a software programmer

Undoubtedly Comersus shopping cart will ease your work significantly. Whether you need a store for yourself or an open flexible solution for your customers, Comersus is the best choice. After all, reinventing the wheel is always slow and expensive in

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Comersus for a company needing to install multiple stores

Let’s say your company needs several e-commerce sites. Whether because it handles different product lines, because it requires an e-mall environment, because it needs to provide stores for each reseller or because it needs several storefronts to increase the traffic,

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Comersus Cart for Store Owners

The installation of Comersus shopping cart is rather simple and just involves transferring files using FTP and request assigning permissions to server folders. If you do not know how to do this, you have the following options: A. Hiring Comersus

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