Comersus for a reseller

You own a web solutions company and wish to add a product line related to e-commerce. Or maybe you would like to be a Comersus exclusive agent in your country or city. Comersus covers these scenarios through Reseller Kits. The Reseller Kits are packages that contain a mixture of software and services specially designed for reselling.

Available options are:

1. Reseller Kit Basic: With this package you will be able to sell unlimited Comersus stores including Power Pack features to any customer. The price of each store cannot be lower than u$299. You will also get 1 year of upgrades, 1 year of specialized technical support and your company’s details listed in our Resellers page at
The price of this kit is $1590.

2. Reseller Kit with exclusivity: With this package you will have the same benefits as in the previous package plus the possibility to be an exclusive reseller for your city or country. Therefore, you can be sure that Comersus will not sell another Reseller Kit to someone in your region for the period your plan is valid. At the same time, you will receive on a monthly basis information of potential customers who contact and are located in your region.
The price of this kit is $1990.

3. Reseller Kit Rebranding: With this package you will be able to sell unlimited Comersus stores including Power Pack features plus the license rights to replace the “Comersus” brand with the name of your company. This package also includes upgrades and support for 1 year and a technical training course about Comersus’ use in Miami, Florida.
The price of this kit is $2990.

Note: Why would an end-user prefer to purchase a Power Pack from a reseller instead of buying it at Many customers prefer to contact companies in their region; in this way they may obtain face-to-face support, local customer service, advice in their own language and the understanding of local needs that sometimes are not covered by the software default version.

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