Comersus offers free technical support to hosting customers and resellers in a private support area.

For any other support requirements like errors, installation, customizations please contact us.

The hourly support fee is $70 usd and pre arranged fixed quotes are provided.

We also provide a technical support forum with over 10,000 historic messages at

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16 comments on “Support
  1. How do i remove price info from products listing

  2. Colin W says:

    I noticed that the installation instructions in the readme.txt are slightly incorrect. It says to use comersus/backofficelite/comersus_install.asp, however that file does not exist. There is a comersus_backoffice_install.asp in there, but there is also an install.asp in the comersus/ directory. Which is the correct one to use?

  3. Salvatore partenzi says:

    which field of which table do i have to update to fix the following problem:
    When i log in and i move pages forward i have this error,

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e57’
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]String or binary data would be truncated.

  4. Vickie Ezell says:

    We are on Backoffice Gold 4.11.
    What’s the public IP address you use to send email to client’s smtp server (Utilities – email Admin and email Sender)?

  5. admin says:

    You should update, that’s a very old version. For SMTP you should use your hosting SMTP IP.

  6. Terence Pope says:

    I am trying to import the products in an .xlsx file.
    I have made the rows headings as per the comersus documentation book and called the file comersus.xlsx and placed it in the backoffice folder.

    When I run the import link I get the following error message
    “Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80004005’
    External table is not in the expected format.
    /comersus/backofficeplus/comersus_backoffice_importProductsExcelExec.asp, line 206 ”

    Does any one have any suggestions?
    Thank you

  7. Laura Elkins says:

    Once again, in less than a week, we cannot access the Comersus Back Office to retrieve orders. Of course, it really doesn’t matter that we cannot retrieve orders because there are NO orders to retrieve since customers are – once again in less than a week – unable to complete their orders online at our store! I cannot go to the PRIVATE SUPPORT page because it will not load!

  8. Laura Elkins says:

    I need the FTP account password. I have been requesting this all week now.

  9. I need to find the mysql8structure.txt file to create the mysql database. We’re using comersus v8 (and the PowerPack!). I can’t fid the original file. Where can I download the comersus v8?

    We’re switching from Access to MySQL. I tried to import from Access to MySQL and while the data transfered, the structure of mysql tables and such is not working properly. I think I need to start with the proper structure, and then copy the data from Access.

    Thanks for your help.

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  11. Peter says:

    Hello! how do I add/browes Pictures in backoffice + old verion
    Web managment tool

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