Comersus Security Features


Free Version

With Power Pack

Support for SSL Yes Yes
Security Advice included in documentation Yes Yes
Detailed Stock Tracking with all movements Yes Yes
Common HTML/Script injection filtering Yes Yes
Delete customers or mark as non-active Yes Yes
Customer browser IP saved into Orders Yes Yes
Random file names for exports Yes Yes
Turing captcha/style code verification Yes Yes
Automatic redirection to SSL during checkout Yes Yes
Password quality verification No Yes
TeleSign Identity Verification No Yes
MaxMind AntiFraud System No Yes
PreCharge AntiFraud System No Yes
Create ZIP files in real time with random
No Yes
Obfuscation of real location of Digital Goods
zip files
No Yes
Rename streaming files on each video play No Yes
Delete stored credit card numbers after processing No Yes
Function to Reset all customers password in
one step
No Yes
BackOffice lock to prevent Dictionary
No Yes
Fraud Prevention offline system No Yes
Multiple levels of security in BackOffice
No Yes
Orders Roll Back with stock and sales consolidation No Yes
Ability to disable free e-mails in customer
No Yes
Login Witness (send private email with each
admin login)
No Yes
Encryption Algorithm RC4 RC4 or DES

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