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  1. Our online store through you has been down for two days, and we aren’t allowed access to Backoffice either. Please advise!

  2. admin says:

    We will contact you by email

  3. Hello,
    I would like to talk to someone by phone about updating our shopping cart. Please let me know when/who to call.
    Hiley Schulte
    ASCA Web Manager

  4. I would like to speak with someone regarding what is necessary to set up an online merchandising store on wordpress through comersus.
    Please advise.

    • admin says:

      Currently, we have a plugin for WordPress with PayPal payment gateway but we can develop any customization. Contact us with your requirements and we will prepare an estimate.

  5. Phillip Wolf says:

    Any time in the near future coming out with a mobile site option to use with the regular site?

  6. diane elkins says:

    My password is locked and I don’t know why. I changed it this morning and the new one is not working. Is there someone that can help with this?

  7. Christina Koller says:

    I’m trying to download Comersus Cart but there seems to be no way to submit my information once I fill out the form. (I actually am having the same problem on the uppermost form on this page.) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Tess says:

    Could you please contact me as we have purchased this business and it uses Comersus however the old owners did not provide any information on how to access the ecommerce site. We need your assistance,

    cheers, Tess

  9. setting up cred card gateway for cannot find proper script files. looked in p-pak in gateways folder. only found a readme mile??????

  10. need help with payment gateway or how to email comersus re Power Pak
    that I have purchase

  11. need lhelp to set up comersus with powr pak.
    cannot locate script files needed for only file under gateways in pwr pak is a readme file.
    will pay for the help.

  12. Where can I download the 2 comersus_gateway2Checkout scripts please?


  13. Pdfworks says:

    I am thinking of upgrading to Backoffice +, I have been asked if the shipping takes into account that it might be a returning buyer and they have their own shipping account. Is this a choice for the customer to use his own shipping.. FedEx, Purlalator… account.


    • admin says:

      By default, Comersus only use Real Time to obtain quotes and the origin address is the company address. With a customization, customer may specify if they have an account so shipping quote is not calculated.

  14. sal corona says:

    I need to adjust our cart so customers have to log in every time they add to their cart. How do I do that?

  15. sal corona says:

    How Much will it cost?

  16. admin says:

    We will provide the quote by email.

  17. Ibrahim says:

    I just bought an upgrade for my domain but have not receive any email for the download.

  18. Steve says:

    I purchased the powerpack yesterday, but have not received a download link. Please send ASAP. Thank you.

  19. sal corona says:

    We are trying to reset our store visits on products to zero. Every time we do it the amount of visits to products doubles.
    How can we fix this?

  20. sal corona says:

    We are trying to reset our store visits on products to zero. Every time we do it the amount of visits to products doubles.
    How can we fix this?

  21. Bo Adel says:

    I would like to have a login/logout/forget password box on my web store…..can u help me with that?
    please get back to me ASAP
    thank you

  22. Please Email us you Phone information. We need to transfer our data from a Host to your server ASAP

  23. I am unable to add a new category to our cart’s homepage. Is there a limit on the number of categories you can have…or is there a place to show which categories on the home page? I’ve tried making it a parent category and a root category, but nothing will show up.

    Hiley Schulte
    American Swimming Coaches Association

  24. admin says:

    Comersus supports unlimited categories but the home page may display a limited number due to template limitations. Check if you have a link All Categories at the end of the sidebar widget.

  25. John says:

    When will you be coming out with a mobile version for the site? Also for the backoffice?

  26. PdfWorks says:

    Hi Guys, could you send me the missing file from the ‘Backoffice plus v9.1’ comerus_backoffice_modifyCustomerTypeForm.asp it doesnt appear to be in the zip’d file you originally sent.
    When you click on the link ‘modify account type’ in backoffice plus the error comes asking for the above file (missing file error).

  27. PdfWorks says:

    could you send me the missing file from the ‘Backoffice plus’ comerus_backoffice_modifyCustomerTypeForm.asp it doesnt appear to be in the zip’d file you originally sent.
    When you click on the link ‘modify account type’ in backoffice plus the error comes asking for the above file (missing file link).


  28. John says:

    Do you plan on integrating “Checkout by Amazon” – inline or standard?

  29. admin says:

    We have that option in mind for Comersus 9.20

  30. When I try to export our complete product catalog to Excel, I get the following error:

    “Temporary errors

    There are errors in your BackOffice+: Error in comersus_backoffice_exportProductsExec.asp, error: Object required – Err.Number:424 – SQL:SELECT * FROM products, suppliers WHERE products.idSupplier=suppliers.idSupplier AND idStore=1”

    When I try to export the product catalog to CSV, I’m directed to this page (which has a 404 error):

    We need a full inventory list ASAP. What can we do?

    • admin says:

      For Excel export you need OWC.Spreadsheet component, for CSV export you need permissions over database folder and correct database path inside export script.

  31. Vickie Ezell says:

    We are using BackOfficeGold for our store settings.
    We have migrated to a new hosted exchange server. This is including email account used to send orders from website.

    The pSmtpserver was set for, however we need to change to our new hosted exchange services. (BackOffice Gold – settings – Configuration)

    We need to know the public IP address the server is sending messages from, so we can whitelist that IP

    Also need to know if any authentication is needed for the SMTP mail server, I didn’t see anything in the setup page.

    Is this something you can help me with?
    I also emailed on 4/24 with no response

    • admin says:

      Backoffice Gold is the control panel for an old Comersus version. Our first recommendation is to update to v9.
      Then, Public IP and Authentication data for SMTP sohuld be provided by your hosting company.
      There is no email support at info@… Support is provided at

  32. Mike Corona says:

    I need a quote for customization to reset product visits.

  33. Larry Clegg says:

    I need a remote reset of my admin password, please.

  34. Larry Clegg says:

    Never mind. I figured it out.

  35. Ryan R. says:

    We need non-members to be able to “Donate” but are unable to figure out how to bypass the necessity for a customer to log on. Is there a way to do this?

    • admin says:

      You can configure Comersus to not require password for first purchase. That is included by default. You can also remove authentication and all orders will be considered as first orders. This customization will take 3 hours ($210) Contact us if you need more information.

  36. Ryan R. says:

    Hi there,
    We would be interested in this customization. Please let me know how to contact you.
    Thanks so much,

  37. Martin De La Rocha says:

    We will contact you by email.

  38. Phill says:

    We received an E-mail from PayPal in regard to their installation 2048-bit certificates for all API endpoints — is this something that will affect our shopping cart with comersus?

  39. rach says:

    We have used Backoffice admin panel.For managing our product inventories we need to find exact sales of the product and the original quantity of it.We are not understanding how to get the exact original quantity and sales of any product i.e. we have to find Original Quantity-Total Sales=inventory

    • admin says:

      Please provide the purchase date of your Power Pack. We are not able to locate an order for your domain. After your license is verified we can provide support.

  40. We purchased Comersus many years ago, I believe in 2004 or so. Originally it was installed on a Windows 2003 server. Recently we moved to a new server, running Windows 2008. Almost everything is working, except PayPal express payments. We temporarily disabled it in our store and are currently only processing credit card payments through the iTransact gateway.

    I’d like your assistance getting PayPal Express working again. The original instructions that came with it don’t seem to apply to Windows 2008. I have a cert_key_pem.txt from PayPal but don’t know what to do with it now to get it working again.

    We’ve made many significant custom modifications to the Comersus cart over the years, so upgrading to a newer version isn’t really an option now. We have to get the old version we have running again.

    • admin says:

      You may need to integrate current PayPal scripts into your customized version since 2008 integration is no longer supported. Current setup for PayPal is easier and it doesnt require cert installation and permissions.

  41. Ok, sounds good. How can I get the current PayPal scripts?

  42. Robert W. says:


    I need help putting a face lift on the Comersus driven website at I have designed a new website, and would like for all of the functionality of the old website to be contained on the new website template. We’re not trying to change any functionality of the back-end, simply trying to tie the back-end into the new site.

    Also, the Comersus database is outdated with old products and descriptions, I have a spreadsheet with all the latest products/descriptions that would need to be imported into a new MySQL database and then to act as the primary products database to be used.

    If this is possible I would appreciate a quote and the chance to speak to someone about the project details.

    Thank you in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert,
      You are welcome to send all project details and Excel sample to delarocha at comersus do t com so we can provide a quote.

  43. Cameron Mead says:

    I have purchased 2 previous versions of the developer power packs – last one being version 7.
    What’s the cost to update to the latest version, accounting that I don’t have any of the old invoice numbers of the previous purchases, though my contact details are the same as previous.

  44. cameron Mead says:

    Can someone please get back to me.
    This is to follow up on a email I sent yesterday.
    I would like to update to the latest package. I have previously purchsed 2 versions, (developer packs) last being version 7 back in 2009.
    How much is it to update please. As I have new computers I don’t have the old documentation – assume you will have me on record.

    Cameron Mead – Ideograph Design, Melbourne Australia.

  45. We are a web hosting Company that uses your store for a number of clients all across America. I believe we have a version 7 of the Comersus Shopping Cart (Enterprise). How can we update to the newest version so all our clients store are updated as well??? Please reply asap. Thanks!!

  46. Phill says:

    Any updates on comersus 9.20 – and the addition of amazon payments?

  47. Cameron Mead says:

    I’m a patient man but really…
    I paid for the developer pack 4 days ago, and got an email asking if I would like the complete zip file, responded yes to that, and have not recieved anything yet, even though I have sent 2 emails requesting the same.
    Is Customer Service is really dead?

  48. admin says:

    Check your SPAM folder. The Zip was sent yesterday morning.

  49. Mike Corona says:

    We’ve been using Comersus 7.15 since 2010. We purchased Power pack. Order # 0022810071
    We have two questions.
    1. We recently upgraded our PayPal to PayPal Payments Advanced. After Generating the API Signature and copying the appropriate scripts from PayPal to BackofficePlus, (Not using sandbox) we tried to run a test sale.
    Apparently we need comersus_gatewayPayPalExpress1.asp and any other subsequent applicable pages. I can not seem to locate them in our folders, yet, we have Power pack.
    Can you help us aquire these pages? We need them to continue or we’re dead in the water.
    2. Also, we purchased a SSL certificate for several forms we created for lessons, etc…Ideally, we would like to use the certifate for any login to our site as well.
    Is there an easier way to set this up via some setting in backofficeplus, or do we just redirect links manually to https?
    Your quick response is much appreciated.

  50. isaac stornes says:

    what is your maximum video file size for uploading into your system

  51. Vinnie says:

    Can someone please respond. How can I get comersus_gatewayPayPalExpress1.asp? Do I need to buy another Power pack package?


    • admin says:

      If you already have a Power Pack for your current domain, you can request the PayPal scripts for Comersus 9.10 They are included. If you dont have the Power Pack, you need to purchase it first.

  52. Vinny says:

    I’d like to request the pages please.

  53. Vinny says:

    As per my previous conversations and your instructions, I guess we need to upgrade.

    I am willing to buy today, is the upgrade Power Pack $299.
    Is there instructions included to upgrade from 7.15 to 9.10?

    I don’t want to lose any data.

    Please answer ASAP.

  54. vinnie says:

    I bought the new Power pack for $299.

    I have a receipt from Paypal, but no confirmation from you. Do you send it to me via a zip file in an email? How long?


  55. admin says:

    To upgrade you need to
    1. Backup your current store scripts and data
    2. Download
    3. Upgrade your database structure to 9.10 using the files of upgradeDb
    4. Replace all asp file for Comersus 9.10 files

  56. A few years ago you did a modification the comersus_optRealTimeUps file and things have been fine until recently…

    We are having issues with the API call. On the first attempt it takes a long time (30+ seconds) and then returns the following error

    msxml3.dll error ‘800c0008’
    The download of the specified resource has failed.

    Then if you hit the back button and and try it again it post right away… Also any additional attempts also post right away. So, it only seems to be related to the first attempt for some reason.

    Not sure if it platform related but we went from Win2003 to Win2008R2. I know there is some difference in how IIS is setup on 2k8R2 to get classic asp to run, but we have another Comersus site running on the box and everything but this API is working fine.

    We realize this is a billable issue, so please let us know hen you can look at it.





  57. Is there a table table that we can insert that charges applicable taxes for each state and county?? it would take forever to add all the different tax rates in each city, state, county etc…

  58. Any external services for real time tax calculations you could recommend that are known to work with Comersus

  59. Martin De La Rocha says:

    Any service can be integrated.

  60. bas says:

    Do you have a script for payment gateway for iDEAL ( used in the Netherland).
    If so , what does it cost ?

  61. Robert Wimer says:

    I purchased the upgrade and I still haven’t heard anything. Please let me know what is going on.

  62. Robert Wimer says:

    I contacted and I have yet to hear anything back from this person. Do you have someone else I can contact about getting my upgrade from 7.15 to 9.1.

    Thank You

  63. admin says:

    It has been answered, Rob. Please check your SPAM folder.

  64. is there a limit to the number of items

  65. Martin De La Rocha says:

    There is no limit.

  66. Phill says:

    I sent a message to about a custom work quote for amazon inline checkout and have not heard back?

  67. Martin De La Rocha says:

    We will contact you with the quote soon.

  68. Stephen says:

    Do you have an shopping cart? When I download all I’m seeing is Classic ASP.

  69. mayra says:

    como puedo instalar comersus porque el que descargue de esta pagina me sale el error 500 y ya no se puede ejecutar ya intente co la carpeta fija y tampoco

  70. Lenny says:

    Are there going to be any future updates to this shopping cart, or is that it?

  71. Phill says:

    Is Comersus going to be updated any longer? Or is this product lived it’s life course?

  72. Andy Campbell says:

    It may have been released but the install instruction just suck. Why would I even consider using this when such a basic thing is overlooked ??

    • admin says:

      Hi Andy, What do you mean by install instruction? Let us know at what step your installation stopped and your database type, so we can assist you.

  73. Phill says:

    I see you have added to 9.20: Amazon Payments integration. Can you please explain this a bit as there is no mention in the manual. Is this a full on site integration. Can you list the steps needed to complete this task?

  74. jerome says:

    can i personally bring you a file in the next few days??? I will be in the miami fl area for the next week or so. Was wondering if you could load a data file containing the descriptions, prices and pictures? Using Microsoft Excel – Also a price for such work?

  75. Jean Rabold says:

    In June of this year, 2014, I downloaded the main store and purchased the PowerPack. I have worked with an earlier version of the produce. I am having an issue of inserting a file because all of the data elements are not there. In your manual, on pg. 16, it is written to enter information on the product form and that an asterisk shows what items are required. There are no asterisks on addProductForm.asp in backofficeplus but there are in backofficelite and the file size is larger. Matter of fact, the files from the power pack are a year behind backofficelite. What gives? If the forms are not correct in the backofficeplus download, the system doesn’t work completely. How is this fixed? I don’t have the time to go through all of the code to see what you changed between lite and plus.

  76. rick says:

    I visited your site some years ago.. I remember a beautiful website. Honestly why you insalled this ugly wordpress? ASP still rocking!! ms says Classic ASP is the predecessor to ASP.NET, but it is still in wide use today.

  77. scott king says:

    i purchased the power pack for comersus 9.1 and was wondering if there was a upgrade available for 9.2

  78. I need assistance to resolve a PayPal error issue I am receiving when customers use mobile devices on my 3 Comersus websites. The error is “ID order not specified”. They receive this after their card is correctly charges and when they are being returned to the Comersus site. The order does not get marked as paid. It holds as pending. So of course, no email confirming their purchase is done automatically.

    Please contact me.

  79. Francois says:

    my back office password does not work anymore. i haven’t changed it. when i say retrieve it asks for email address and then it says i sent the recovery but i have done it 15 time and still no email. please assist.

  80. Francois says:

    When i try and modify and item i get the following error:

    Temporary errors

    There are errors in your BackOffice+: Error in comersusbackofficemodifyProductFormasp error MicrosoftODBC Microsoft Access Driver

  81. Francois says:

    Sorry i used the diagnostics tool to reset the password. thank you.

  82. Francois says:

    When my customers try and ask a question on an item the get the following error on url:

    500 – Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

    suggestions still work fine

  83. admin says:

    We can make a remote debug and fix by FTP in 2 hours $140.

  84. Laura Elkins says:

    Were you ever able to find anyone to call?? Our site has been unable to accept order for over 24 hours, and we can’t get in touch with ANYONE to fix this problem!

  85. Matt says:

    We are unable to add or modify Fabrics within the Backoffice UI. The Add button is disabled and the Modify section doesn’t give us the option to actually modify anything. It says our Permission level is “Full Access”, however that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    How do we add or modify our fabrics? If we need to use the .csv option, an example of the format would be appreciated.

  86. Matt says:

    When I go to and attempt to submit a question, I get the following error:

    Unable to select for reading

    Please help

  87. admin says:

    We will check that. In the meanwhile you can add the question to an existing post.

  88. Matt says:

    It has been two days since I added my question to an existing post, and it still says “Awaiting Moderation”.

    Please help me.

  89. Robert says:

    I am not able to log in. Please contact me with how we can reset password.


    • admin says:

      You can use Diagnostics and Tools to reset the password or you can request a remote reset by FTP. That work is $70.

  90. Laura Elkins says:

    We cannot access the Comersus Back Office to retrieve our orders. We receive a message requesting authentication user name and password before any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) even attempts going to the page. We cannot even bring up our website. It, too, requests authentication. This seems to be the only page(s) associated with Comersus that I can even access!

  91. Laura Elkins says:

    Once again, we cannot connect to the Comersus Back Office, and while our website will load, customers cannot place orders through our store because it means connecting to the Back Office to complete the checkout – which NO ONE can do! All browers are displaying the same error message when attempting to the Comersus Back Office OR when attempting to complete an order at our store. This is costing us sales AND customers!

  92. Kenny Liu says:


    We are having problems with the customer registration and checkout part of the cart. It has been working well for many months and this problem occurred suddenly. We would like a programmer to take a look at it for us as quickly as possible since the site has been down for 2 weeks now

    Kenny Liu

    • admin says:

      Considering a default registration-checkout, the remote diagnostic and fix will take 2 hours $140. You can post the payment from Purchase-Services-Customization-2hours Then please contact us with FTP details.

  93. Laura Elkins says:

    We are having the same problem with the latest version of Comersus and the Back Office. We cannot export ANYTHING!

  94. admin says:

    Define your export path and assign all permissions to export folder.

  95. Randy Liss says:


  96. Randy Liss says:

    I did not get it…plus I registered as a guest with the same Gmail I’m using in this post.

  97. Randy Liss says:

    Is there any reason why I haven’t gotten my powerpack yet?

  98. admin says:

    Your system blocks .zip attachments. We have sent it again with another extension.

  99. Imran Majid says:


    We have Comersus version 6.07 with a MySQL database.

    We use the Protx direct payment method (which is now called Sagepay). The Sagepay script we currently use is Version 2.0 of Sagepay, but we need it upgraded to Sagepay Protocol Version 3.0, which uses a few more credit card fields for newer credit cards. (The information is available step by step on Sagepay’s developer website).

    Can you please quote me on the cost of upgrading and please provide a timescale also.

    We currently use a modified checkout page, which needs to remain the same. You can visit our website and checkout using (Please remove website address before publishing).


    (P.S. I think our website is still on your featured page on Comersus demo)

  100. admin says:

    Hi Imran,
    The development of version 3 SagePay integration with Crypt Field using AES(block size 128-bit) in CBC mode with PKCS#5 will take 4 hours $280. You can post the payment at Services, Customization.

  101. Steve says:

    Just a heads up, the .png on the Comersus product page links to which seems to have been hijacked.
    Hope this helps.

  102. Laura Elkins says:

    Why do I have to post the issues we have with Comersus and Comersus hosting in a public forum? Why will you not respond to emails, especially urgent emails, that are sent to you?

  103. Ryan says:

    Where is your forum? I don’t see a link anywhere.

  104. Brett M says:

    Can I use Comersus to allow multiple Suppliers to vend their own products i.e. payment and product tracking would go to them with out the site admin having to get involved in a purchase?

  105. Jeannette says:

    Is there a link to demo the backend/Powerpack of Comersus? The one on your website does not work/has been removed.
    We own an old version and are thinking of upgrading for new features and I’d like to see the backend first before making that decision.
    Thank you!

  106. Paul Lindsoe says:

    I changed the password for the backofficeplus, but it does not recognize it. How can I resolve this?

  107. Andrew says:

    Switch to the KudzuASP template engine so that building new components and integrating them is easy and you ASP code pages will never need to have HTML in them ever again. 100% separation between code and presentation.

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