Comersus is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions.

Ever since it was established, Comersus has shown great levels of commitment to innovation and high quality standards.

The company’s main product, Comersus Cart, was first released in 1997 in response to a great multinational firm’s requirements. The firm wanted to replace its e-commerce system, which was based on a famous product developed in Perl and was considered to be complex, rigid, and expensive. Comersus was successfully installed in that site and in others after numerous recommendations. It was finally decided that Comersus had great potential to be launched commercially. The commercial implementation of the system was accomplished in the year 2000, in the Open Source mode.

In addition to software development Comersus offers e-commerce training courses, customization and installation services.

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4 comments on “Company
  1. sal corona says:

    We are trying to reset our store visits on products to zero. Every time we do it the amount of visits to products doubles.
    How can we fix this?

  2. admin says:

    Are you using SQL or the Backoffice? Do you have customizations in place?

  3. sal corona says:

    We are using Back Office.

  4. admin says:

    When you reset store visits, all stats are deleted from stats table. Visits to products are stored in another table products.visits
    Maybe you have a modification to original asp files.

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