Comersus Cart

What is Comersus Cart?

Comersus Shopping Cart is a recognized and sophisticated software solution to sell products and services online. For a small web site with one product or a multishop with unlimited sellers, Comersus is the right choice.

Feature highlights

  • 100% of the source code is provided
  • Allows  physical goods and digital goods
  • mySQL, SQL Server and even Access database supported by default
  • SEO features like autokeyword generation to rank high in search engines
  • Multiadmin, multistore web control panel
  • Real Time online shipping quotes with UPS, DHL, Fedex, USPS, Canada Post or offline shipping quotes rule based
  • Automatic digital goods distribution and subscription areas
  • Multi language, multicurrency
  • Describe items with text, multiple images and also YouTube videos
  • More than 100 payment gateways to choose from including PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout and

Ready to download?

Version: 9.10

Release Date: March-7-2012

Size: 2.5mb

Extension: .zip

7 comments on “Comersus Cart
  1. Upgrading from version 5.05 with Back Office Gold 5.05.

  2. Mike Corona says:

    We’ve been using Comersus 7.15 since 2010. We purchased Power pack. Order # 0022810071
    We have two questions.
    1. We recently upgraded our PayPal to PayPal Payments Advanced. After Generating the API Signature and copying the appropriate scripts from PayPal to BackofficePlus, (Not using sandbox) we tried to run a test sale.
    Apparently we need comersus_gatewayPayPalExpress1.asp and any other subsequent applicable pages. I can not seem to locate them in our folders, yet, we have Power pack.
    Can you help us aquire these pages? We need them to continue or we’re dead in the water.
    2. Also, we purchased a SSL certificate for several forms we created for lessons, etc…Ideally, we would like to use the certifate for any login to our site as well.
    Is there an easier way to set this up via some setting in backofficeplus, or do we just redirect links manually to https?
    Your quick response is much appreciated.

  3. Robert Wimer says:

    In version 9.1 was the modify taken out for the categories. I noticed that you also changed the product page and are unable to assign categories. I am using the powerpak. Also in the Subscription part of the database you forget to add the idproduct to the database.

    Thank Rob

  4. Martin De La Rocha says:

    Hi Rob,
    Modify categories, click on comersus_backoffice_modifyCategoryOrderForm.asp then Modify Details. To assign categories, in add or modify product you can select categories to assign and also from unlimited assignment option. Thanks for reporting idProduct missing.

  5. WOLFGANG-VOGT says:

    Hello, We plan to open a webshop. What is actually the difference between Prestashop and Comersus?

    Best regards
    Wolfgang Vogt

    • admin says:

      Comersus is a leading Shopping Cart with unique features like Sales Estimation, Digital Goods Distribution and lots of security considerations.

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