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PowerPack at $299

The Power Pack has everything you need to set up a professional store: the complete management and reporting tool BackOffice+, the possibility of choosing a flexible, convenient, and secure payment integration from more than 100 supported gateways, and many options to boost sales and lower online risks.

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BackOffice Control Panel

This package includes BackOffice Plus, the complete management and reporting tool. Features: Multiuser
& Multilevel, Sales reports, Import/Export, Invoicing, Bar codes labels, Advanced cost calculations, HTML editor
for product details, Twitter and more.

Real Time Shipments quoting

One of the following On-Line shipping quotes: UPS, USPS, Fedex, Canada Post or InterShipper (All shipment carriers during checkout)

Offline Payments

Off Line Credit Cards, off-line checks and wires

Online Payments

One of the following: LinkPoint Basic, Pay By Check, Money Bookers, Ka-Chinng, SecurePay, CyberCash,
UsaePay, IonGate, Eft Secure, White Label, PlugNPay, Moneris, Viborgnet, Architrade, BluePay, Paradata, CCAvenue, EGold,
LinkPoint API, Buckaroo, Secure Trading, PayReady, GoRealTime, UTCI, GoEMerchant, Robocharge, QuickCommercePro, Yahoo Pay
Direct, Transaction Central, SkipJack, VelocityPay, EchoOnline, Cybersource, SecurePost, PaymentProcessor, eWay, RTWare,
eProcessing Network, ePoint, Fast Charge, Terra Payments, Via Clicx, Trust Commerce, eBullion, uSight, iTransact,
ASIADebit, oZHosting, EPDQ, Bank of America, Protx, PaySystem, WorldPay, IntelliPay, 2Checkout, Verisign Link/Pro, Authorize.net
SIM AIM, Wells Fargo, SecPay, BeanStream, PSIGate, iDeb Sweden, DirectOne, SourceFul, iKobo, Paymate, CCNow, PayPal Web Site Payments Pro, Caixa Cataluña, eNets, PaySat, EWMerchant, ChronoPay, QuickPay, SagePayments BankCard, DineroMail, Decidir SPS, BNL, Alertpay, ChronoPay, Nochex, SecureWebPay, NabTransact, Cardinal 3dSecure, QBPay or Google Checkout.

Optional features for the storefront

E-mail to friend, Delayed Payments, Related Products, Rental Products, Auctions, Recurring Billing, Automatic Recommendations, Hotels/Hostel products, Amazon Book price comparison, Suppliers listing, Products BackOrder, Sell Video Streaming, redirect news and reviews to WordPress, sell WordPress subscriptions


Customer Password Recovery, Currency Conversion (online and offline), Newsletter, Customer Reviews, Digital Goods Downloads, Affiliates Autoregistration, Visitor Tracking List, Fraud Prevention


$299 one time fee.  Buy now 

25 comments on “Power Pack
  1. Does the PowerPak provide a good method of importing parts
    from an excel spreadsheet.
    have been usiing comersus ver 7.0981
    It will not import all of the data, such as the images(no notthe actual images, just the file names.
    Is there somewhere to see a list of the optiions provided that the
    free one does not have.
    Will buy but I donot want buy and find I am no better off than b4.
    cannot seem to find such a reference

    • admin says:

      The Power Pack includes import utilities from other formats. Regarding Excel, if you need more fields to be included let us know and we will prepare a quote.

  2. Cheri Harder says:

    If I purchase the power pack, may I use it on all the stores I develop? Or, is it only for one store? (multiple domains, multiple clients…)

  3. PdfWorks says:

    Hi Guys,
    Ive just purchased the backoffice plus but dont have a download link, or an email with link. It has been charged to credit card. I need to work on this over the weekend. Where can I download the full version from.

  4. admin says:

    Sorry for the delay. We have just sent the Power Pack to your email as an attachment.

  5. ibrahim says:

    Can comersus receive Online visa and mastercard payment?
    Where can i find instruction to install a SSL certificate for our payment gateway page?


    • admin says:

      Sure, you can accept online payments using all popular payment gateways. Some of them like 2Checkout and PayPal do not require SSL. SSL cert instructions are not related to the cart but to your hosting service.

  6. Bo Adel says:

    If I Purchase the Power Pack
    Will every user have his OWN login/password?
    His own Profile? which he can login and login anytime he wants?

  7. Saqib says:

    I purchased comersus back in 2008 … can I get free updates?

  8. A Bica says:

    Can this cart be added to an existing website? If so, ss it complicated to do and where can I find information on that?

    • admin says:

      Sure. You have to follow Users Guide instructions for regular installation, then you can add HTML code for Add to cart, View cart contents and checkout.

  9. A. Bica says:

    So it would be necessary to add the HTML to every product? That’s a lot of work for a website having over 250 products.

  10. cameron Mead says:

    I’ve been using version 7. And wondering if any major upgrades have been done to the Product Options, on the new version is there a way to add Stock control to that. EG Small – 20 in stock, Large – 30 in stock, etc. Seems to be a big drawback in existing versions that you can’t keep track of the product’s stock variations. Its fine for just a single product with no options.

    • admin says:

      Current version is 9.10 but variations do not maintain inventory by default. You can request a customization for that purpose.

  11. Jean Rabold says:

    I need the gateway files for Cybersource as soon as you can send them. I did not receive them after the PowerPack download. Please hurry.

  12. Jean Rabold says:

    Please send me the cybersource files as soon as you can. I followed the link to gateway downloads, but the link is not active.

  13. Phill says:

    I just received an E-mail from PayPal that they are upgrading their integration shortly — is Comersus on top of this and will they have an update as soon as the affects come into play?

  14. admin says:

    You shouldn’t experience any problem with current integration.

  15. Dale Fargo says:

    How do I purchase the 9.2 UPGRADE at $99.00 for Backoffice Plus?

    I already have Comersus version 9 with Backoffice Plus.

    I do not see an option to buy a UPGRADE, only a new purchase at $299 on the online store.

    Please contact me via email with purchase instructions.

  16. James Davidson says:

    I am inquiring about upgrading our cart program. Not sure what version we have, it was installed in 2004. Tried to use the Demo but kept getting the error message 404. Can you help me get the demo and the software requirements.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      You can view version inside includes/settings.asp file To upgrade you have to download the new version, and database upgrade script. You can also request our services for upgrading your store.

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