Comersus Power Pack $299

Customization $70/hour

Urgency Support $140/hour

Version Upgrade $129

Administrator course $990

SSL cert Renew $140

Software Resend $75


21 comments on “Purchase
  1. Our ecommerce is not able to connect to Fedex to provide real-time shipping quotes, so it is defaulting to the “Default” shipping price set-up in backoffice.

    I purchased (2) hours of customization time to research and resolve this problem. Receipt no 3643-4697-0638-8638.

  2. Art Bross says:

    Our current web host went down and we are going to have to rebuild on a new host. We want to upgrade from 7 to the new 9 version while doing this. Will our current SQL database be compatible with the newer version? Will there be more expense in addition to the upgrade fee. We originally purchased version 7 with powerpack and backoffice plus.


  3. admin says:

    You need the Version Upgrade Program to obtain the latest Power Pack 9.10 The price is $99 and it can be purchased from this page. Database structure needs to be updated.

  4. Ian says:

    How do i get the powerpack? I just paid for it online through PayPal and then i get redirected back to your home page.

  5. paul says:

    i also purchased the powerpack yesterday, i received the email back to say was being charged to my card, i clicked on the button to take me back to your home page, which i had thought it would have been through to your download page. i waited for the email to come through it finally did come through but it was is the confirmation email from pay pal, there was no hyperlinks through to a download page or any thing like that. i am still waiting to find out what has actually happened to the product.

  6. paul says:

    please take note of the change of email

  7. David says:

    We purchased a server license of Power Pack version 7 (unlimited installs on the same server). Is there a server license of Power Pack 9? If so, what is the cost for a new server license, and the cost to upgrade form version 7 to version 9?

    Thank you.

  8. David says:

    Thank you for the info about the Power Pack 9 pricing. If we upgrade to version 9 from version 7, can we still run version 7 stores on the same server as version 9?

  9. Vickie Ezell says:

    We are currently using Comersus BackOffice Gold 4.11. We need to upgrade to v9. Is it possible to upgrade 4.11 to v 9? What packages do you suggest? Will we be able migrate old data? Will our website developer need to make changes? Thanks, Vickie

  10. admin says:

    Yes, you can have both version installed.

  11. admin says:

    Sure its possible. You are going to need Version Upgrade to get the latest Power Pack. Then a support work must be done to upgrade database structure.

  12. Vickie Ezell says:

    Does support work to upgrade database struction part of the Version upgrade? or do I nned to get a quote for Customization?

  13. admin says:

    Version Upgrade Program will provide the latest version of the Power Pack for 1 year if you already have a valid license. No customization work is included.

  14. Vickie Ezell says:

    We’ve purchased the Version Upgrade today. Where do I download this? Where do I install it? I’m new to your product. How can I have both versions 4.11 and version 9? Is this a service you provide?

  15. admin says:

    Version Upgrade lets you download the latest Power Pack and is valid only if you have purchased Power Pack before. Please provide your original order number or purchase date so we can verify. Otherwise, you must purchase the Power Pack.

  16. Vickie Ezell says:

    Ok, looks like we need to purchase Power Pack, I didn’t realize just how old this version was… Is there documentation on how / where I installed it? Thanks so much

  17. Hi,

    I want to upgrade my powerpack and add the paypal payment gateway. I also want to know if there are any new version 9 templates.

    Does the standard $99 upgrade fee cover this?

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