Comersus Cart customizations

Modifications for Comersus stores, data migration between other shopping cart and Comersus, template integrations, new fields for checkout, Ajax forms or any modification to default code.

Quotes are provided in advance.

Price $70/hour 

WordPress customizations

Modifications to WordPress application. Layout, custom widgets, custom plugins, autosubmit forms with moderation, database migration between old CMS and WordPress and more.

Quotes are provided in advance.

Price $70/hour

Contact us to send your requirements.

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17 comments on “Customizations
  1. Our ecommerce is not able to connect to Fedex to provide real-time shipping quotes, so it is defaulting to the “Default” shipping price set-up in backoffice. This problem began on June 7th. Please let me know the process to get this problem resolved.

  2. Haven’t Received Download Email. I’ve tried at least 3 times. My other e-mail address is

  3. Vickie Ezell says:

    I need a quote to upgrade BackOffice Gold 4.11 to version 9.

  4. Vickie Ezell says:

    We are purchasing Power Pack tomorrow

  5. admin says:

    Ok, we can refund the Version Upgrade payment or use it as payment for the upgrade.

  6. admin says:

    There are 2 parts involved. The first is to obtain the Power Pack 9.10 ($99) and the other part is to upgrade database structure and replace all asp scripts. You can do this part. If you want us to upgrade, let us know and we will prepare a quote according to database type (mySQL is easier than Access)

  7. Imran says:


    Please can you kindly advise how much it would cost to fix an email component problem which has occurred after server migration?


  8. Mike Corona says:

    We’ve been using Comersus 7.15 since 2010. We purchased Power pack. Order # 0022810071
    We have two questions.
    1. We recently upgraded our PayPal to PayPal Payments Advanced. After Generating the API Signature and copying the appropriate scripts from PayPal to BackofficePlus, (Not using sandbox) we tried to run a test sale.
    Apparently we need comersus_gatewayPayPalExpress1.asp and any other subsequent applicable pages. I can not seem to locate them in our folders, yet, we have Power pack.
    Can you help us aquire these pages? We need them to continue or we’re dead in the water.
    2. Also, we purchased a SSL certificate for several forms we created for lessons, etc…Ideally, we would like to use the certifate for any login to our site as well.
    Is there an easier way to set this up via some setting in backofficeplus, or do we just redirect links manually to https?
    Your quick response is much appreciated.

  9. Imran Majid says:


    We need our website moved from an old server to a new one. It is version 6.07 and the database is MySQL.

    The old server has a virus which is making the FTP service stop. Please can you quote me for the new server set up, and migration of the MySQL database.

    Thank you.


  10. Jerome Admin says:

    What you you charge if I purchased the latest version of Comersus using a Microsoft Access database with you loading a text file containing book information and a related file containing pictures of the books? Or, what you you charge to send me the info on loading the txt file and related pic file myself? Oh, I’m on an extremely low budget. Thanks,

    • admin says:

      Hi Jerome, after purchasing the Power Pack you will get an import utility. You can format your txt file to match required fields and no extra work from our end will be required. Of course you can also hire us to write a custom import. It will take around 2 hours: $140.

  11. We need to switch our Comersus installation from Access to MySQL because our hosting company is no longer supporting Access. I need help making it happen. Please contact me soon. I’d like to hire someone to solve it. Thanks! — Steve

    • admin says:

      Sure, Steve. Let us know how many products, orders and customers the database has so we can estimate the migration cost.

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